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100 Holes Plastic Capsule Filler


100 holes plastic capsule filler applies to capsule spec: 000#,00#,0#

Each set of capsule filler come with one carton and one piece of instruction.
3 kinds of capsule boards:No words, English words and Chinese words.
4 regular colors available to choose:Dark green, Light green, Blue, White.
General-purpose application:
2.1.Before and after use shall check and ensure that each part of the machine is intact.
The filler consists of:
• The body plate
• The cap plate
• The middle plate
• The press plate
• The powder scraping plate
• The arrangement board.

Load the capsule body

1. Put the body plate in a flat
2. Then, put the frame of the arrangement plate on the body plate.
3. Put about 100 Capsules in the frame.
4. And then pick up the plate body and arranged wheel swinging around capsule body will fall into the plate hole one by one, then, pour the extra capsule body out.
5. Take the wheel arrangement plate, put the capsule body installed on the board aside.

Load the capsule cap

Filling power in the capsule body:
Take back the plate that has been installed capsule body,then spread the powder on the plate body.Scrape the board back and forth on the body.
When the capsule body is full on powder, scraping excess powder.
Attention that should be paid to the angle of the powder scraping plate to maintain a certain angle, so as to make each capsule have roughly the same material.
If necessary, you can gently knock on the board with a scraping board so that the material into the capsule is more uniform.
2.5. Lock the capsule body and the capsule cap:
1. Align the middle plate without gaps on the top of the cap plate, In order to the part that cap just loaded plate cap hig her of the cap plate come into the middle plate hole.
2. And then two boards together to flip 180 degrees, align the body plate up and down gently.
3. When the capsule cap is slightly locked with the capsule body, turn the whole set of plates down to the cap plate.
4. Body plate up and forced compaction.
5. Flip the capsule plate, remove cap plate, remove the middle plate, pour out the capsule from the locking middle plate.

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