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Capsule Filling Machine


High Quality Capsule Filling Machine Supplier

Pharma agro is a high-quality Capsule filling machine supplier in the USA. Our automatic capsule filling machine has an improved and latest technology.

Our tool needs minimal effort for adjustments and maintenance. The size of the capsule can be changed quickly, which improves the overall efficiency and production environment. We are based in the US; however, we are making constant efforts to gain more and more clients for our products from overseas too.

The capsule filling machine has been developed by us to fill hard gelatin capsules through pellets or powder. It is incredibly reliable and durable equipment that fills dosages to the highest accuracy. The filling machine is capable of supplying various character powder, inhalant micronized powder, such as static flour, non-free flow powder, and sticky fibroid material.

To maintain quality as a Liquid filling machine supplier, we make machines whose surface and housing are covered with stainless steel. The contact components of medical powders are made up of abrasion-resistant steel. All machine parts are smooth and standardized to replace.

Automatic capsule filler processes the items for ideal profitability up to 3500 cases for every minute, including low-support activity, insignificant downtime, and generally trustworthy manufacturing. Powder dosing utilizes the 5 phase packing innovation for improved precision. The filling of pellets is accessible. Capsules from the fortification are taken care of into the situating gadget alongside the vertical guide.

Best Liquid Filling Machine Supplier

As a market leader in liquid capsule filling technology, we take extra care to ensure proper filling of liquids. Our machine seals the cap and the capsule’s body at high speed. Our capsule filling tool provides automatic vacuum removal of the air in the dosing tube to give an accurate weight of the capsules filled.

Our capsule filling machines can fill more than five capsules at a time. To maintain our name as a reliable liquid capsule filling machine supplier, we ensure that our equipment is precise for operation, opening, joining, filling, and withdrawal of tablets. Also, we provide compulsory spiral feeding in the powder hopper for powder feeding alongside filling. We also offer dual design for capsule opening to forestall any damage. The machine will stop on its own in the event of a collision.

Currently, we offer the USA’s most extensive range for process machines. As a top-notch semi-automatic capsule filling machine supplier, Agro Pharma focuses on dedicated mechanical engineering, especially process equipment and engineering, alongside automation engineering.

So, if you need a quality SNJP liquid powder capsule filling machine, come to us.

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