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October 10, 2019
Oral Liquid Filling and Capping Machine
October 10, 2019
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Oral Liquid Bottle Filling Line


This SNKF series is used for packing/filing of oral liquid, syrup or other kinds of liquid, and is newly developed by our research team. With the aesthetic and safe packaging material, the machine meets the GMP standard, and is the most advanced model in international market by now. This SNKF series easy-folding plastic bottle filling machine should be located in the workshop with 100,000 grade purification, and all processes of bottle feeding, filling, lip capping, hot-melting bottom sealing and bottle discharging can be completed automatically. Features 1. All processes of bottle feeding, filling, capping, hot-melting bottom sealing and bottles discharging are all automatically, and this series filling machine is the best choice for the easy-folding bottle users. 2. There are advantages of PLC control, the HMI, automatic/ manual switches, the touch screen, English operation menu, no filling when no bottle, no capping when no bottle, VVVF regulating and the automatic counting, etc. 3. With strict sanitary production regulation, there is no need of processes of bottle washing, drying and sterilization when production, and the production efficiency is increased greatly, and there is no bottles’ damage during the production and the transportation.

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