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Best Sesame Seeds Supplier in USA


Pharma Agro is considered as a prominent sesame seeds supplier across the USA. We deal in various agricultural products. Apart from agro products, we also deal in Herbal Supplements and Pharmaceutical Machineries.

We have all the required knowledge about agricultural products which are grown in Africa. We have a satisfied list of clientele as we have optimal equipment strict control of the calibrating and cleaning processes. We exactly know the requirements of customers. We believe in providing flexible solutions as per clients’ needs and offer competitive market prices. High quality is our success mantra.

Our sesame seed is one of its kind. It easily passes through grading, seed cleaning and stone removing processes.

Sesame seeds supplier provides the seed for processing in the machine through bucket elevator. The dust along with light impurity was removed through an air aspiration system, and those materials are entered into sieving trunk that has multi sieve layers. Finally, the elements get graded to various level by size. At the same time, every undersize and oversize impurity is removed.

Sesame seeds are oval-shaped, tiny seeds which have a nutty and crunchy texture and are used all over the world in skin care products and food recipes. Having a scientific name “sesamum indicum”, these seeds are cultivated and manufactured in bulk quantities. They are found in abundance in China, Africa, Mexico and Italy. The seeds grow organically in pods and are harvested from edible seeds.

Top Quality Sesame Seeds Supplier

Every prominent Sesame seeds supplier offers sesame variations such as hulled white sesame seeds, brown sesame seeds, black sesame seeds natural white sesame seeds etc. All the seeds variations have various applications and use around the world. Due to numerous applications, sesame seeds are utilized in different industries such as baking, candy making etc. Oil extracted from the seeds are of various benefits. Oil from the seed is used in salad and cooking oils and margarine.

Sesame provides extended shelf life because it contains “sesamol” – an antioxidant. Also, this seed is highly beneficial for livestock poultry as it allows for protein content up to 50 per cent. The oil from sesame is used for making soap, insecticides, perfumes, paints and pharmaceuticals.

As far as health benefits are concerned, black sesame is helpful for anti-ageing. The symptoms such as hair turning grey, memory and hair loss are all indicators of ageing. Black sesame is rich in iron and vitamin B. Similarly, sesame is an excellent choice for curbing osteoporosis and stabilizing blood pressure.

As a leading company in the agro-product export industry, we have customers residing outside the US. We receive orders from Canada, the USA, Asia, the Middle East and different parts of Europe.

So, if you are in search of trustworthy sesame seeds supplier from the USA, we are the best option for you.

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